Jay Chou(周杰倫), MV

Jay(周杰倫)- The Cowboy is Busy(牛仔很忙)

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Jay Chou is one of the most talented musician in Taiwan. His new song “The Cowboy is Busy" is a cute, funny song. On the radio version of his promo cut, he said “people said my music is conservative, so now I make a song with brand new style. But I still have my own accent." I know some people don’t like him. But nobody can deny the merit he’ve been made in the music atmosphere in Taiwan.

> 牛仔很忙 The Cowboy is Busy

Composer:周杰倫 Jay Chou
Lyrics click HERE.
Other infomation in Chinese click HERE.
radio version of his promo cut(.mp3)
MV(full version)(2:52) at youtube and download it.

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