Dreamhost 又發生問題!


沒辦法,只好再利用他方便的Contact Support,告知Dreamhost。依照客戶說的,大概是下午四五點就開始不能進去,然後我大約六點寫信去,Dreamhost到了大約11點才回信。現在已經可以進去了。靠!這十個小時誰要還我?


Message from you (Aug 17th, 2007 – 03:35:21 / #2024318)

Subject: Cannot Enter the website


Its’ urgent! the site:


connot enter now…

is there any problem?


Reply from DreamHost (Aug 17th, 2007 – 08:17:15 / #13165967)

Subject: Re: Cannot Enter the website


I apologize for the inconvenience. We had another severe network problem

which was a little different than the one we had the previous day. This

one also caused a problem which caused a bunch of DNS information to be

dropped from the name servers. However, I’ve refreshed the DNS

information for all of your domains so they should come back on-line

within the next 4 hours or so. This would affect your web site(s) as well

as e-mail services. Please check again later and let us know if you

continue to have any problems. You might also want to check the DreamHost

Status page for updates (http://dreamhoststatus.com/).

If you require further assistance please let us know.

On Fri, 17 Aug 2007, you wrote:


Its’ urgent! the site:


connot enter now…

is there any problem?



首先,據他所說的,真的是DNS出現問題,叫我等四小時就會恢復。然後給我一個DreamHost Status page,說可以去那看最新消息。這時候連絡Dreamhost的Contact Support頁面也多了以下訊息:

Critical Announcement! Please Read!

We are still experiencing DNS issues for a large number of our domains. After the network problems yesterday, a lot of dns records were somehow dropped from our ns servers, the cause of which we’re looking into.

We’ve been regenerating all dns since last night, but it’s a very slow process, slower than we’d like, and there are still a lot of domains not up.

On top of it all, it seems as though our remote dreamhoststatus.com server is under a DDOS attack, taking it down.

Please rest assured we’re doing everything we can to fix this situation. If you’d still like to contact us about it, please use the form below as usual.

You can keep updated at dreamhoststatus.com.. assuming we stop the DDOS soon. Otherwise, we’ll just be updating the message on this page. (posted 3 hours 26 mins ago)

可是點進去他說的DreamHost Status page,卻出現以下畫面。我該說「真是懷念的畫面」嗎?之前小妹部落格的資料庫壞掉也出現過這個畫面,原來DreamHost Status page也是用Wordpress作的啊!