暗槓:drawing a tile by oneself, making four similar tiles of a kind and putting them face down
暗坎:concealing 3-tiles in order of a kind
八圈:eight rounds of play
邊張:side tiles
抽頭:the kitty
籌碼:counter; chip; dib
出張:discarding a tile
大滿貫:grand slam
單釣:waiting for one of the pair to win
單聽:awaiting the only one necessary tile to win
地和:going out or winning a hand after drawing only one tile
吊牌:fishing; awaiting one’s winning tile
對對胡:winning with all paired tiles
對門:opponent sitting opposite to one
對碰:waiting for two tiles to win; making two pairs
槓後開花:drawing a tile, after a gang, from the end of the wall to win the game
跟牌:following suit
進張:drawing a useful tile
扣牌:holding up a tile
攔和:be won by one’s left or opposing opponent with the same tile one needs
連莊:remaining the dealer
牌友:matching play
平和:a win without points
七對:seven pairs
砌牌:forming the wall of stacks
清一色:all of one suit; flush; having all tiles in one suit
全字:pure characters
缺一門:lacking a suit
三缺一:three players looking for one more player
上家:opponent on the left
十三幺:the thirteen orphans(1,9,and one of each character)
天和:a natural win; a heavenly hand
聽牌:waiting for the one necessary tile to win
洗牌:shuffling the tiles
下家:opponent on the right
一對:one pair
一番:one time (in scoring)
一圈:a round
一條龍:a complete sequence from 1 to 9
詐和:declaring a false win
自摸:winning by one’s own draw
做相公:be unconscious of a shortage or surplus of tiles